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[01.21.18 at 10:15p]


Hi everyone! I'm thinking of bringing in this David Lim pb as a client, either as a newish client just out of a relationship, or an actor-model and/or musician who just moved to Vegas. I wanted to see if anyone would want him for anything before I worked out his bio. All lines/ideas welcome!
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[01.21.18 at 4:30p]


hey everyone! i was thinking of bringing in rory (tom payne pb) as a sex worker. he’s still a work in progress so i’m open to any lines that you guys might need filled! right now, rory’s a california native that’s been on his own since he turned eighteen, dropping out of college and traveling/hitchhiking along the west coast trying to ‘find’ himself - and also making extra money on the side by pleasing the occasional long haul truck driver. now at 29, he’s finally settled down into a job that he loves at the ranch. i’m pretty much down for anything at all, so please don’t hesitate to throw your ideas my way!
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[01.20.18 at 3:29a]


Still under construction but I bring for your consideration Gavin Gilchrist starring James McAvoy. A comedic magician in his fourth running season, he is Mat Franco without the “America’s Got Talent” win. Gavin hails all the way from Scotland but has been in Vegas for at least five years. He might have visited the ranch a few evenings yet always left without booking anyone. That will change soon. I am still fleshing out background bits but would love to hear any connections to be made. TIA!
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[01.18.18 at 8:55p]


I've got this crazy idea about bringing in a new client but I wanted to take a read on how Hafthor Bjornsson's face would be received. I'd like him to be something more "Vegas-y" as far as occupation goes, but I have no real details nailed down for him yet. Feel free to throw suggestions at me while I chip away at him (hopefully)!
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[01.13.18 at 4:28p]


hey friends. i'm thinking about bringing this christopher mason pb in and i thought i would see what sort of lines people were looking for. his name is amett becke. i'm not sure what he's going to do yet but i do know that he's wealthy and intends to spread that around the ranch a bit. he's a client, mostly just looking for bookings of all kinds. he's going to be a little less than friendly but he makes up for it in his generosity.

if anyone has any suggestions of what they are looking for in a character career wise that would be really helpful, otherwise i'd love to start just working out some lines while i write up his bio.

update: thinking he's going to be a high powered attorney.
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[01.13.18 at 3:38a]


hey y'all. hoping to get back on the horse with doze. new year new face same donk. 300+lb bull, ex football semi pro turned pornstar through circumstance, butch queen, eager bottom, attention seeker extraordinaire, cupcakke stan, baritone moan, purveyor of the marquee html tag, mourner of </blink>, occasional goliath ranger, human shitpost. story is that he was filming in london after halloween and stayed for christmas with an affluent client. but he's here now, so give me lines, update our old ones, etc
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