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[04.19.18 at 10:53p]


Hi everyone. I'm going to be applying with this guy, who is a client and a 32 year old Drummer who has been working in advertising while taking odd gigs and playing in cover bands. He's been in Vegas for years, so I'm totally open for exes, coworkers, friends, snakes he's booked, etc. If he can fit anything for you, let me know!
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[04.17.18 at 3:18a]


Hello Ranch! I'm bringing in this bright little ray of sunshine, though I don't really have much information on him just yet. He's a snake who fell on hard times which prompted a move to Vegas a few years ago and he's just loved it since. He's in need of all the things (a best friend who likes to get tattooed with him would be acessssssss!) and I'm down for any plotting you might want to throw at him. Clients, buddies, etc etc, hit me with them all!
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[04.16.18 at 3:00p]


Hello the game! I'd like to bring in this guy as a client. He's a thirty-something successful designer and owner of a conservative fashion company and interested in exploring his kinky side, he'd like someone to push his limits and take him out of his comfort zone. He's been vanilla good boy placeholder for so long now, but he feels like there is something more to sex, which comes through in his dreams. He'd also like a stable relationship or a stable fwb situation, either way, a stable companionship. If anyone is available for that sort of lines, let me know.
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[04.13.18 at 4:16p]


Bonjour! Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. I bring you Samuel LaFontaine. I’m still debating on what exactly it is Sammy does for a living, but he is a 42-year-old commitment-phobic mess. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. He’s got a kink for being someone’s submissive pet, but it would have to be a long-standing connection developed over time. If anyone is open to that, please let me know. Aside from that, Sammy here will be a fairly regular client of the ranch with too much disposable cash on hand. I welcome all plots and ideas here!
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[04.12.18 at 10:15p]


Hi game!

I know a lot has been going on with Nicky lately, but with the closure of his last arc I'm getting him moving onto a more stable, healthy place. He'll be getting therapy now as well (thanks Dr Mat!)

In that vein I'd love like someone to pair him up with, someone who isn't a controlling, abusive, emotionally stunted, codependent, bundle of rage issues like Martin was.

He's got a whole lot of friends and what not in game, would anyone be interested in moving any of their friendships into something more romantic? A kind of sweet slow burn would be best for him, you know how he is with physical affection so that isn't really a huge deal, it'd be more the emotional 'pairing up' side of things, sticking together and whatnot.

Could be something we could plan towards too

If anyone's interested, let me know?

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[04.09.18 at 5:32p]


hello! i was thinking of bringing in this little nugget faced by gregg sulkin. could anyone use him for anything before i get to hashing him out?
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[04.09.18 at 9:10a]


So this is Nathan. He is my Jason Derulo pb and such a charmer. He comes from LA in Cali and has been in Vegas for only a few weeks. Nathan is able to support himself for now but found out about this place and it had spiked his interest. I'm not looking for any relationship lines but best friends/frienemies/ work friends/ Cali friends and so on works for me. He will be a part time bartender and work his way into stripping since he has them smooth dance moves that will often be seen from behind the bar.

Leave a msg and share some ideas while i go on an icon search.
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Hoping this isn't jinxing me... [04.08.18 at 4:24p]


Hi, everyone! This is Wesley, real name is Elliot Harrington. He's been in Las Vegas a couple of years, lived with his aunt up until fall, when he started at UNLV. His aunt is footing the bill for now, runs a female escort service, and he wants to pay her back in a way she'd understand--but doesn't know about. He's a newbie, *21, is working on his list of kinks, loves multiples, so couples are encouraged, and he's pretty good at role playing, so if you want the innocent young boy, or the slutty power bottom, he's up for it. He can switch, but prefers to bottom. He's also into older men, but it's not a deal breaker. If any older gentlemen are interested in a relationship, I'd love a line like that, as well! He can certainly use friends, clients eager to break him in, people he might know or run into at UNLV, and anything anyone would think he'd be right for.
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[04.07.18 at 6:29a]


hey there, maybe should have did this before getting added but i like to live on the edge. this is hudson calisto, a young client who hasn't been in vegas all that long. he's got a pretty torrid history, but he and his boyfriend [info]frankiegordon have always managed to pull trough, and now after coming into some money the two of them are trying to make their band work. when it comes to the ranch, huddy loves to watch frankie with others and then go for sloppy seconds, he also likes to be in charge and all that comes along with it. he and Frankie could definitely use some regular snakes, and i'll take all the likes from everyone, friends, his favorite bartender, people who come to their shows.....all of them.
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