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[11.08.17 at 12:19p]


So.. I've been in this game for awhile now it seems. And now that new people seem to be joining I'll put out an ad for Brayden again. I actually lost my romantic line so he's open for relationships now and I'd love more friends for him to.

tl;dr - help me figure this guy out [11.05.17 at 8:30p]


Hey all, I'm new to ~rattlesnake and I need some help trying to figure out which route that I go with this guy. His name is Austin Storey, he's 36 and that's about all I have figured out. I have three ideas that I'm toying around with (with the help of [info]cillianbailey):

1. Blind Item Bait (a client): Austin's an actor that keeps his homosexuality concealed because he's a private person and never wants to pull focus from his work. He's married to a costar that he was in a romantic franchise with that is one of his best friends - at the time of the wedding (he was in his early 20s at the time), it was fantastic PR which made their movies do insanely well, neither of them were all that interested in finding "the one" to spend the rest of their life with and, being best friends, they were very comfortable with each other (as in they already acted like a married couple). They don't think about getting divorced because she's a fantastic beard for him, and because Austin's wife is in a relationship with a guy who is totally fine with the sham and doesn't believe you have to be married to stay together forever. There are rumours that come out occasionally that they're separated, because they do live their own lives for the most part, but they tend to try and keep a solid front. The Ranch is a good place for him to let his guard down somewhat, at least feel free to enjoy his sexual preferences in a private room.

2. Mr. Bendy (a client): Austin's a Cirque Du Soleil performer (just look at his physique) who has the most insane schedule. Daily shows, with two shows a day on weekends, he has no time for a normal relationship, so he gets off where he can. A fellow performer took him to The Ranch when frequent sexual encounters between co-workers turned into a lot of backstage drama (not that he was involved in, but was witness to so he stopped sleeping with the people he worked with). It turned into the best place for him because it was quick, easy and helps him relax after rough weeks.

3. Sarge (an employee): Austin was recruited into the military when he was pretty young in a post-9/11 world. It suited him well enough and he managed to climb through the ranks (Sergeant First Class) until he was honourably discharged a year ago. He's now a reserve officer (meaning he's still eligible to be pulled into military duty if they need him), and keeps up with his training to make sure he's always ready. This is partly why he chose to be part of the security team at The Ranch. The other part is the homophobic and sexual abuse he's witnessed and been a victim of in his school and military years. No idea yet on how he fell into the job at The Ranch, but he feels useful there.

Sorry for the novel. I just like all these ideas and would love to see what people in the game think - which would fit best? Is there things you would change? Add to these ideas? Ideas I haven't thought of that you think I should do instead? Don't worry about offending me. Tell me if you think none of these will work for this game.

Give me lines! Please!
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[11.05.17 at 11:19a]


So, I love this game and I've definitely been bad about getting in gear with it lately. Brysen was a little stuck IC about what he could do outside the Ranch but I think we're finding a way around that now and I want to get him more active again. Anyone have any ideas/lines they'd like to throw at him? I know he's probably going to at least be looking for a roommate, but I'm sure I can find a way to work out almost anything with him, I'd just like to write him more.
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