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[07.15.18 at 2:11p]


I’m going to try and do what the mods said. I’ve had Brayden in the game for a really long time and I don’t think I’ve written with half of you yet. I’d love different lines for him since I think most of mine left now? Anything goes with Brayden. He prefers living by himself for the time being. Best friends would be awesome. Someone be bad talked to before maybe? Ex boyfriends? Current boyfriend? Anything honestly. Throw ideas at me!
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[07.10.18 at 5:32p]


This is Chris Grady. He's a farmer by day and a former cop at LVPD. I'm thinking about bringing him in as security.

Could I get lines for him?

eta- I was here awhile back but I had to leave due to personal reasons. I am hoping I can bring this guy in, have some fun because I missed this place, and the fun my guy had.
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[07.07.18 at 9:57p]


Thinking of bringing this guy back if there's any interest. Dorian is a southern gentleman by day and a snake by night. He's been in Vegas for a while, trying to get into the porn industry and make a name for himself. He's not without his issues, but he's a sweet guy if you're cool with him and can be charming when he needs to be. Looking for friends, possible hookups/love interests, and a roommate. :)
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[07.05.18 at 11:11a]


So, long story short - I've been terrible. personal tl;dr )

I'd love to come back with Bry, though, if anyone still wants him around? He's a snake at the ranch, former MMA fighter turned sex worker, originally from NYC. Hopefully he's still Barry's roommate, and I think to make it easier I'll say that he had to go back to NYC for a while to take care of family things, and is coming back?

I'd love to get back into things. I'm so sorry for being gone so long.
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[07.04.18 at 8:52p]
hi, everyone! so, i've been in the comm before and was considering bringing someone new in. i was wondering if anyone has any specific lines/faces they've been looking for? i've been considering playing a snake or bar tender, but i'm not sure. almost want to try for a bar tender/snake, if that'd be allowed? i just want to come in with a line or two.

i've even considered bringing in a drag queen, but only if she'd get some actual play, lol.

edit: [info]indielincoln is the journal i'll be using!
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[07.04.18 at 2:45p]


Hey so the mods sent me a message about returning and I’ve been debating it back and forth. I loved playing Angel here just got really busy before. So he’s a sex worker and a model. I’d love some lines for him. Friends from before maybe? Lovers or anything honestly! Just something so that I can try him again. Roommates would be a lot of fun to do as well.
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